Friday, December 24, 2010

The Top Ten Security Stories of 2010

It has been an active year in the IT world, with lots of new security implications for companies to consider. Mobile devices continue to proliferate, cloud computing continues to take off into the stratosphere, threats from insiders (such as disgruntled employees and former employees wrought by hard economic times) have increased,  Wikileaks has shattered all our illusions about privacy, Botnet gangs have grown and become more visible and so on and on. There are big implications for governments in ensuring the security and privacy of their systems and also for private businesses, who are having to implement new policies on the fly to cope with the rapidly changing landscape.

It makes the work of IT Auditors challenging to say the least. And points to the pressing need for those auditors to stay on top of emerging IT trends. For Informationweek's take on the top 10 security stories of 2010, check out this link.

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