Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Emerging World of Internet TV

There is another security threat looming and its a big one. Before long, all electronic devices will be connected to the internet, including refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, home security systems and TV's. Some of them already are. This year will see a boom in Internet TV. Apple TV. Google TV. And various manufacturers like Sony and Samsung are rushing to come out with internet enabled TV.

This trend has been predicted for many years, but now it is actually coming to fruition.

What does this mean for IT Audit? First off, the new applications don't necessarily place much consideration on security. So the new connections often contain holes that can be exploited by hackers. To the extent they get connected to the internet, then hackers can have a highway into a corporate system. This already happens with the much ignored area of online printers and fax machines. Soon it will happen with the TV in the staff lounge or the refrigerator in the lunch room. Seeking out these security holes and plugging them will be the job of the security professionals, and checking up on them the job of the IT auditors. This article explains some of the ramfications.

It's an exciting new era!

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