Friday, December 3, 2010

Mobiles are Computers
And Deserve the Same Level of Security

With the proliferation of mobile units attached to corporate systems, IT personnel are losing control of their systems. Mobile units, like smart phones, iPads and the like are not cell phones; they are powerful computers. The problem is that a great many organizations have not yet recognized this simple fact, even though they know it.

Security for mobile devices has not reached anything like the level of sophistication of other more mature computers. So the exposure is considerable. Here are the major threats:

Mobile Threat - Mobile Security Solution
Malware - Antivirus and antispam features
Loss and theft -  Ability to lock, locate, wipe and restore
Direct attack -  Firewall technology
Data communications interception -  VPN and encryption solutions
Exploitation and misconduct - Filtering capabilities

Many organization's need to conduct more rigorous risk analyses for their mobile devices and begin the process of implementing the appropriate solutions. While many of those solutions are still rudimentary, nevertheless the threats cannot be ignored. This white paper explores this area at a relatively high level.

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