Monday, December 20, 2010

IBM Releases its 2010 Global Risk Study

IBM Global Business Services has released its 2010 global Risk Study, in which it asked 560 IT managers and CIOs in all types of companies all over the world to talk to us about IT risk — what their biggest obstacles are, where their biggest challenges lie, where they see the greatest potential for adding business value.

A majority felt their organization is making progress with risk, but 82% felt that their level of risk mitigation is less than expert. some of the biggest risk areas were quite predictable, given the trends in IT. Social media was regarded as a risk area, as was cloud computing and mobile computing.

Mounting regulatory demands was cited as a source of a growth in the need to perform well in managing risk. Many felt, however, that although IT has become a core area for all businesses, management of IT risk has not kept pace with this fact.

The study has many predictable outcomes, but this does not undermine the fact that there is much to be done in managing IT risk as the world of business quickly becomes more automated, and more susceptible to failure from poor management of IT Risk. To download the report, click this link.

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