Friday, March 23, 2012

Growing Security Issues  - IBMs Response

It's no secret that security has been increasingly challenging in recent years. And the challenges have been growing at an alarming rate, with some security experts claiming that the situation is becoming unmanageable. The scale and sophistication of hacker organizations, such as the one called "Anonymous" has outstripped the capabilities of most security systems except (perhaps) some of the world's most secure sites.

IBM has announce the formation of a new business unit IBM Security Systems - a complete unit of the company that combines its massive data analytics capability with its IBM Managed IT Services, another area for which IBM is well known. Amazingly, IBM  security systems monitor some 13 billion security incidents PER DAY. Which indicates the company's expertise is beyond question.

This announcement comes on the heels of the announcement by Big Blue of a new security tool QRadar, which applies powerful data analytics to security related data. These are significant events, and important advances in the interests of fighting cyber crime. Here's an article on the subject.

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