Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gloom and Doom at the RSA Conference

In San Francisco, the world's security experts are meeting and discussing the latest hacking episodes that have plagued industry and in particular highly sensitive companies like those in the defence industry. RSA is the organization behind the high end codes that safeguard computer systems and their data. However, even RSA has been hacked and the codes used to hack into Lockheed Martin, the major defence contractor.

At stake is national security as many of the current and most intrusive hackers are sponsored by foreign governments interested in gaining information about the latest technologies going into defence systems in the US. Clearly some strong action is needed.

If high end defence contractors can be hacked, with their super strong encryption and password systems, what chance does a regular company have? Probably none if a serious hacker gets interested.

This is our greatest security challenge of modern times, and innovative solutions are needed to address it. Eventually it will be addressed effectively. But in the meantime, close monitoring is the order of the day. Check out this news release on the subject.

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