Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Using the Cloud to Address Cloud Security

The cloud has raised security concerns to higher levels, and become the focus of a new generation of hackers. But the cloud, through the use of viral computers, has tremendous computing capacity as well - capacity that can be used to fight the hackers. A new service does just that.

"The service, known as WPA Cracker, is one of the first hacking services to rely on cloud computing. WPA Cracker went live on Monday--it uses pay-as-you go cloud computing resources to search for an encrypted WiFi Protected Access (WPA) password from 135 million different possibilities, says creator and hacker Moxie Marlinspike. Normally the task would take a single computer about five days, but WPA Cracker uses a cluster of 400 virtual computers and high-performance computing techniques. It takes only 20 minutes, he says."

The cloud is a logical venue for a security dogfight. But new services like this one will benefit all users, whether in the cloud or not. For an interesting article on WPA Cracker, see this site.

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