Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deloitte Survey Focuses on Cyber-Warfare

Deloitte has released its 2010 Financial Services Survey, which heralds a new era in information security. The survey focuses on the fact that the major security threats are now coming not from kids in the basement but from organized crime and other countries with subversive intentions. These groups are pouring immense resources into their efforts.Of course, that raises the stakes for security professionals, and the survey is beginning to reflect some of this reality. For example, more companies have their chief security officer reporting directly to the CIO.

The survey is comprehensive and part of it reports on the top security issues for 2010. These include governance and budgets (no surprise there). Some of the companies are raising their budgets, however, despite the recession, although some of this reflects a coming out of the recession, such as companies in Canada, where the recovery has been strong and earlier than in many other countries.

The survey is a must read for security professionals. It can be downloaded from the Deloitte site, and on the same page there is also a 20 minutes discussion of the results.

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