Friday, July 23, 2010

ISSA International Conference Coming Up

The ISSA International Conference is scheduled for Sept 15th to 17th in Atlanta, Ga. The theme is Connect and Collaborate.

In the words of the organizers:

The CONNECT & COLLABORATE theme of the 2010 International Conference can be meaningful to information security professionals in a variety of ways: The world is becoming more CONNECTed and we must embrace this free exchange of information, yet maintain the safeguards to protect confidential data and personal privacy. We COLLABORATE in internal work groups to construct effective security while fostering productivity in the new world of mobile devices.  As Information Security professionals we are asked to CONNECT many different disciplines ranging from technical to legal compliance. And we COLLABORATE as a professional community sharing our hard won knowledge and valuable lessons learned through programs like the ISSA International Conference to deter breaches and cybercriminals.

For registration and more information, check out the site.

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