Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Responsibility is Yours

A new section of the Homeland Security Department in the US has launched a public campaign stressing that internet security begins with you - the user. The campaign is part of the President's efforts to improve on internet security, which increasingly is being regarded as a matter of national security.

The trouble is, telling people that they have some responsibility in an age when people refuse to accept responsibility for almost everything, is a tough message to get out. However there is a lot of validity to it. Just yesterday, there was another report of data being found in a dumpster. There have been several others this year. For example, medical records and some info from Macy's. How may times does this need to happen before companies implement and enforce proper data disposal procedures? It is one of the oldest problems in the age of computers (and even pre-computers), and yet hasn't yet been solved. Is there hope? Here's an article about the Homeland Security campaign.

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