Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cloud Security

Security in the cloud has been a hot topic ever since that regime began. Many feel that security can be good. However, the mere question being asked in certain circumstances can be a business problem in itself. For example,

"I believe if you set it up correctly, the cloud can be as secure as anything else," says the CTO of a financial services startup. "But we don't want to have to waste time communicating to potential customers that the public cloud is secure. It's a conversation you don't want to have."

As a result of this concern, the company opted out of the cloud and went with a private co-location facility. While they felt that the security in the Amazon service they were using could be configured to be as secure as anything else, they feared the questions in customers minds could cost them business, and made their decision accordingly. For the full story, please see this article.

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