Friday, June 4, 2010

Attacking RFID Chips

There has been much attention given in recent years to the question of the security risks of RFID chips. The Canadain Privacy Commissioner has come down hard on them. Corporate IT Security personnel have been searching for ways to make them more secure.

The security of RFID chips is important because they are so pervasive and often contain private or sensitive information. Even information such as product prices can be critical to secure, because of the need for intregrity of the information used in processing sales.

So a thorough review of the security risks of RFID chips as well as the methods intruders might utilize in attacking them, is very timely.

Such a review is found in the article "Attacking RFID Systems" by Pedro Peris-Lopez, Julio Cesar Hernandez-Castro,Juan M. Estevez-Tapiador, and Arturo Ribagorda.

The article is comprehensive and covers a range of methods that could be used by hackers to attack RFID chips. Very useful.

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