Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cloud Security

More companies and organizations have been moving into cloud computing for budgetary reasons, hoping to save costs. But one major concern is holding many of them back from a greater commitment - security. However, although there is concern out there, there also is a lack of action. Not much is being done about it. While it's true that a Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) was formed last year, consisting of numerous major companies, progress by that group has been slow. They have conducted a survey of security concerns and potential solutions, and have issued some preliminary guidance, but that guidance has never been finalized or updated. Companies themselves have been withholding support of the cloud rather than adddressing the issues.

Cloud computing is likely a permanent feature of the information systems landscape and there is a real need for systems security oriented organizations to get in there and provide some guidance. Also, there is a real need for companies who are moving into the cloud to help the industry to find and adopt the solutions that are necessary to stop security issues from being a barrier to adoption. More on this at InformationWeek.

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