Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's been 17 years since Google went live!?

Can you believe it's been 17 years since Google has been around?! 

Google's Doodle for today takes us back down memory lane to an era prior to Google. It's especially memorable for those of us who were in university in the late 90s because we had access to high speed internet on campus unlike the painfully slow dial-up at home. 

I remember my first job as a coop student at the UW Federation of Students (I can't believe this quote is still hanging around from that time!) when a co-worker was explaining to me how OpenText was the best search engine (of course using my NetScape Browser). Of course back then there was a number of search engines including, Yahoo, Lyco, Alta Vista, etc. However, I stuck to OpenText for a while then eventually switched, along with everyone else, to Google. 

Back then Google was a struggling start up. Of course now its tech behemoth facing the regulatory scrutiny that was once reserved for Microsoft (again from the late 90s). 

Well Lycos, OpenText (as a search engine) and AltaVista may be long gone, but it looks like plaid is back!

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