Thursday, April 16, 2015

Re-corporatification of IT? TMT Tech trends continue to prove true

Came across the coverage of Intel's first quarter results. According to the Australian:

"The Silicon Valley giant, which said last month that revenue would suffer in the first quarter due to sagging PC sales, reported net income for the period grew just 3 per cent on overall revenue that was flat with the year-earlier ­period."

However, not all is bad. The article also noted that:
"Intel’s data centre group, which includes chips for server systems, posted a 19 per cent jump in revenue."

The shift in growth confirm's the Deloitte TMT Predictions for 2015:
"Consumers don’t always lead the way: The pendulum swings back to enterprise adoption
Historically, new technologies, like PCs and cellular phones, were adopted by the enterprise and then by the mass consumer market years later. In the last decade, it’s been the opposite. Tablets and smartphones with large screens were adopted widely by consumers first, but the pendulum will start to swing back. In 2014, consumer uptake of wearable technology like smart glasses was modest, signaling a shift away from the consumerization of IT. Enterprise adoption of wearables, 3D printing, drones and the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a bigger impact generating more economic value in goods and addressing business needs than the consumer market for those technologies"

Although not specifically mentioned in the press release, Intel's increased revenues is a confirmation that the shift from consumer IT to corporate IT is something that can't be ignored.

Full disclosure: I work at Deloitte, but you can click the links and audit the above analysis yourself to ensure that the analysis is valid. And to ensure completeness, Duncan Stewart and team reviews their predictions to see what they hit and miss each year. So tune in for that in January 2016!

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