Monday, March 2, 2015

Explaining Big Data Technology in under 2 minutes

The class I was teaching this week was looking at Big Data from multiple perspectives, including security. The approach I used with cloud last week was to identify the key differences between ASP and cloud. With Big Data the key difference is between the SQL world of relational databases and the non-relational world of NoSQL technologies, such as Hadoop.

I took a course on Big Data that explained how there is a distributed architecture that enables a "master" to send out the job to vast army of "slaves" to complete the processing. However, how do I explain this in a succinct and effective way to the students? 

In a word, YouTube.

I found this video that gives a pretty good overview of Big Data, but it's real value is how it explains how Hadoop works at a high level (go to 4:10):

Of course, we will be covering  social media later in the term :)

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