Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cyborg are here! Well not quite, but this is amazing!

True there has been a lot of excitement around drones, driver-less cars and robotics more generally. Each of these technologies herald an exciting potential to automate and make efficient tasks that are mundane. Amazon, most famously, is looking to see how drones will enable them to deliver their packages use this technology - replacing their need for couriers with a 24-7 army of robots.

With all that amazingness, there is something yet even more amazing - cyborgs! Wall Street Journal posted the following video today:

The seamless integration of machine and man has been the focus of science fiction for decades. However, the founders of personal computers actually always had such a vision in mind. I have been going through the Master's Switch by Tim Wu, a really amazing book on how yesterday's tech-entrepreneur becomes today's tech-mogul-tyrant squashing innovation (this is definitely a topic for another blogpost) . In the book, he also discusses how Douglas Engelbart came up with the idea that computers can be tools to augment human intelligence. When you think about your relationship with your smartphone or laptop, it is something to augment your intelligence. With this development, however, it takes it to the next level: to actually augment and repair the human being.

Can one expect the development of super soldiers? That too has been the story behind science fiction, but I wouldn't discount such a possibility outright.

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