Thursday, December 11, 2014

Time for Windows 10? I can't wait!

I have been overly optimistic about Windows in the past, but here me out!

Boy Genius published a post on the future Windows 10 that they are releasing next year. (Note Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9 altogether).

And does it looks good. As can be seen in this video, it will feature Cortana who is Microsoft's personal digital assistant that incorporates voice search, voice commands (i.e. you can get Cortana to set-up an appointment with you) and machine learning (i.e. it learns from your interactions.

It speaks to the overall move towards using natural language processing (NLP) and elements of Artificial Intelligence. Apple was arguably first to the scene with its Siri application. However, IBM's Watson is also a clearer example of where this technology is heading. Gartner refers to these types of technologies as "smart machines", which they claim has the following implications:

"Most business and thought leaders underestimate the potential of smart machines to take over millions of middle-class jobs in the coming decades," said Kenneth Brant, research director at Gartner. "Job destruction will happen at a faster pace, with machine-driven job elimination overwhelming the market's ability to create valuable new ones."

Will Cortana take your job? Well, let's just enjoy the possibility that Microsoft may build in some real cool NLP technology into your every-day computer and worry about that one a future post!

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