Friday, January 6, 2012

Newly Published Security Books Raise an Important Question - The Risk in Peripheral Devices

"Two recently-published books, "America the Vulnerable" by Joel Brenner, a former official at the National Security Agency (NSA) and "When Gadgets Betray Us," by writer and security analyst Robert Vamosi, have one theme in common: We've come to depend on modern networks and technology, but the compromise of them by attackers is a serious threat to both individuals and society as a whole."

In our modern world, we have so many devices that are vulnerable to intrusion or data theft it boggles the mind. Such devices include RFID chips, security web-cams (paradoxically), power girds (a National Security issue), and automobile systems like keyless entry and vehicle immobilzation. For example, hackers "could falsify readings from the fuel gauge and speedometer; disable the antilock brakes, selectively brake individual wheels on demand, and even stop the engine. Researchers found they could do this even while the car was speeding down a highway." Also, there are home security systems, building keyless entry, and a growing number of home appliances, like oven ranges, refrigerators, and entertainment systems.

To some, these may seem relatively harmless, but these systems might contain private information and also could be used to compromise a home or business for break-ins or sabotage.

It's a growing issue for IT Professionals and security specialists. For a good article on this area, check this link.    

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