Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The UWCISA Biennial Research Symposium

The 2011 Symposium, hosted by the University of Waterloo Centre for Systems Assurance, took place on October 21 - 22, 2011. It was sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Caseware IDEA Inc., ISACA's Toronto Chapter, and the International Journal of Accounting Information Systems.

Attended by numerous noted researchers in the Information Systems Assurance area, the symposium featured several state-of-the-art presentations and timely sessions. 

The Keynote presentation, "Information System Assurance Practices in China: Where they are and where are they going?" was presented by Philip Yang, Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Beijing, China and highlighted the international flavour of the event, which is indeed one of the world's top symposiums in the field.

Topical sessions included those on cloud security, privacy, and green IT. But there were many more. For the program listing and copies of the presentation slides, check this link.

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