Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conquering the Security Silos

You would think that with all the attention in recent years to organizational silos and the need to work across them or at least interact, that this problem would be largely licked.

Such is not the case, at least in the area of IT Security. A recent survey carried out at the 2011 RSA conference looked into coordination between IT Security, It Operations and Risk Management teams across the organization and found that, while coordination between those groups has jumped considerably, it still stands at 47%. Or less that half of the organizations conduct such coordination.

Security in organizations needs to be managed organization wide because the alternative is to invite holes in the overall security umbrella. That's one of the reasons why organizations need Chief Security Officers with the authority to require cross organizational coordination. Hopefully this aspect of IT Security continues to improve. For a summary of the report, click this link.

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