Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Security Threats to Watch out for in 2011

Websense has prepared a list of five predictions for security in 2011. In summary, they are:
  1. 2011 is the year when smart phones will account for 50 per cent of mobile phones sold that year, compared to 40 per cent in 2010.
  2. Expect one or two Stuxnet-type attacks in 2011 now that hackers have proven it can be done and it works. Such attacks are highly complex in design so they will not emerge frequently
  3. Blended threats—which use multiple vectors such as e-mail, Web, social media sites and data leaks—will evolve and spread through social media. Such threats will be script-based or embedded in rich media instead of the traditional binary files.
  4. Hackers will manipulate search algorithms in popular social media sites to expose visitors to malware. With enterprises increasingly using social media sites for corporate initiatives, policies should be put in place to avoid accidental posting of confidential information or other potentially damaging behaviour
  5. Data loss prevention (DLP) strategies and technologies will be ever more important in 2011 as more zero-day vulnerabilities will be discovered.
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