Monday, August 30, 2010

Security and Risk Analysis Skills Becoming More Important

In an article in, entitled "5 most sought-after IT skills of the future", the author points to the profile of contemporary computer uses, observing that while users are increasingly tech savvy, they know nothing about security. At the same time, security risks, and particularly privacy risks, are growing.

As the article states, "Since we're spending more and more time online, verifying users' identities and protecting privacy will be big challenges by 2020, because fewer interactions will be face-to-face, more personal information may be available online, and new technologies could make it easier to impersonate people, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

"Teleworkers will also represent a larger portion of the workforce, opening up a slew of corporate security risks.

"We're in a dangerous place," because many employees are tech-savvy, yet they "don't understand the first thing about data security," Foote explains. "That will change in 2020," when companies will cast an even wider net over data security -- including the data center, Internet connectivity and remote access, he predicts."

Accordingly, the conclusion is reached that there will be a major demand for security professionals in the future.

The article also names risk management as one of the areas with a high demand in the future, for quite similar reasons, but also because of the growing impact of IT on general business risks.

You can check out the article at this site.

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