Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Global Security Survey Shows Change

The annual PriceWaterhouseCoopers global information security survey is starting for the coming year. The survey will be conducted during the months of April - June and then the report will be published in various formats, including in CIO Magazine.

Last year's survey - carried out in 2090 but labelled the 2010 survey, focused on the impact of the recession on security. There was a presumption by many that the recession would lead to a reduction in expenditures on security and according to the survey this didn't tend to happen, although there was a less measurable reduction in innovation and expansion in the security area.

Overall, the survey indicated a growing level of congruence between general management and IS management in their view of and approach to IS security from a strategic perspective. The risks associated with systems security are being seen as important to the welfare of the organization as a whole by general management.

The survey can be downloaded from the PWC site and the questionnaire for the current year can be seen here.

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