Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keeping up in a Wireless World
by Gerald Trites

The number of wireless devices continues to grow almost daily, the latest being a plethora of e-readers. like the Kindle, which can connect to WiFi or G3 networks. Of course smart phones continue to grow smarter and more complex, with concomitant growth in functionality. Maintaining security and control in this environment is challenging.

Richard Schaeffer, Director, Information Assurance Directorate (IAD), National Security Agency (NSA), recently gave an interview in which he acknowledged this complexity and difficulty. He points out that the challenge is multifaceted. One important point he makes is that there is a pressing need to keep up with new technologies and quickly develop policies to deal with them. This requires vigilence and a fluid organization that can quickly move with the times. It's not so much understanding the technologies that is the issue, although this is important, but understanding the vulnerabilities they carry with them, and learning how to address these vulnerabilities.

Also, the new technologies work across a variety of platforms, so there is an unprecedented need for policies that reach across these platforms as well.

The interview presents an intriguing look at high end security policy and how it is being shaped by modern technology. There is a write-up on it here.

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