Friday, August 21, 2009

Free Gartner Research

Gartner research is generally expensive, but they do publish some free research on their website. Research under various categories are there, and the one most relevant to this blog is probably Security and Risk Management. The webpage on this topic contains papers dealing with "Key Issues for Risk and Security Roles, 2009", which covers the role of the CISO and other related roles. "In 2009, program creation, maturity and maintenance will be critical concerns for stakeholders".

There is also a paper on "Security in 2013 and Beyond", in which they categorize future security as a "Perpetual Arms Race" between the enterprise and hackers. "Enterprise security planners should expect attackers to continue to undermine their defenses for the foreseeable future, forcing them to continually change their responses."

The page also includes a paper on "Critical Capabilities for Security Information and Event Management Technology". Finally there is a podcast on "Security Information & Event Management Use Cases".

Gartner Research is good stuff, and the website is well worth monitoring.

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