Monday, March 23, 2009

Server Gated Cryptography
by Gerald Trites

I this world of growing internet usage and mobile users, there has been an increased emphasis on encryption as a means of protection from intrusion and viruses. It has long been the fact that 56 bit encryption is no longer adequate. However, some parts of systems, like some browsers, do not automatically support the more approproate 128 bit encryption. One possible solution is to enmploy server gated certificates. such certificates are issued by a server when it receives a request from the internet. The SGC certificate goes to the requester, who is them prompted to offer up a full encryption menu, inlcuding the 1287 nit variety. The host server can then accept the 128 bit version, thus ramping up the level of encryption form what it would otherwise have been. There is a good white paper at Infoworld explaining Server-Gated Cryptography and its benefits. It's worth a read.

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